Lakeland Florida Pressure Washing Services

Our low-pressure “Safe” wash

Many folks attempt to perform pressure washing services on their own by purchasing high-pressure machines at their local home improvement stores. For most home applications high pressure isn’t needed and will actually damage siding, stucco, wood and even concrete. We use a low-pressure system that is safe to use on any surface and cleans more thoroughly than using high pressure alone. With the correct use of soaps and special cleaners, our experience allows us to safely clean your property without harm to your home, family, pets or landscaping.  Mold, algae and dirt are quickly removed and afterwards your home stays cleaner longer and is easier to keep clean with household products.

Concrete Cleaning

Lakeland Florida Pressure Washing : ConcreteWe use professional surface cleaners that leave any surface evenly clean and bright. No washing stripes, swirls or uneven spots are left behind. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches or pool decks can be brought back to new in a fraction of the time of using typical pressure washing “guns.”


Lakeland Florida Pressure Washing : FencingRemember how great vinyl fence looked when it was first installed? Does your fence look green and black from mold and dirt?  Wood, vinyl or metal fences are sometimes the largest feature on your property. We use the latest cleaners, brighteners and techniques to remove the mold and stains from your fence.  Let us restore these surfaces so they shine like new again!

Gutter Cleaning

Lakeland Florida Pressure Washing : GuttersCleaning gutters is a time consuming and sometimes precarious job for homeowners. Even after cleaning, aluminum and vinyl gutters sometimes still show stubborn black streaks and stains that are impossible to remove without the right solutions.  We use specific chemicals formulated to remove the black stains and streaks from your roof runoff.  Check out our Before and After page to see the results for yourself.

Rust, Oil and stain removal

Oil spots from vehicles, rust staining from sprinklers and other stains from fertilizers and battery acids leave homeowners thinking that their concrete, stucco or vinyl surfaces are ruined unless they are painted or replaced. We can remove rust and acid stains from concrete, pavers, stucco and many other surfaces safely, and restore the surface to its original state.  We use the best chemicals in the industry in our restorations and can even remove or lighten oil stains in concrete and pavers.