Roof Cleaning Services

Are you looking for roof cleaning services in Lakeland, FL.?  We provide a safe, soft wash roof cleaning solution that will have your tile or shingle roof looking new and bright again.  Our cleaning system removes the black stains and streaks that plague many roofs, causing them to look old, weathered and ugly.  Whether your house is new or old, having your roof cleaned will give it an instant boost in curb appeal and help get it back to that “brand new” look.  We provide roof cleaning in Lakeland, Brandon, Auburndale, Winter Haven and surrounding areas.  Call us to find out how affordable it is to restore one of your home’s largest features!

Our Equipment

To make sure we provide the best results by cleaning your roof properly according to your shingle manufacturer’s specifications, we only use equipment designed specifically for the safe, soft washing of shingle and tile roofs.  There are no high-pressure pumps or wands used to apply our cleaning solutions.  Our roof cleaning setup is a completely separate system from our pressure washing machines.  We use a zero pressure, high-volume pump to apply cleaning agents to the roof, and then a zero pressure rinse to remove the dead mold and algae, leaving your roof looking new and bright!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ugly black stains and streaks on my roof?

While air pollution and dirt can be contributors, the main culprit is an organism that has thrived on Earth for over 3 billion years; a type of Cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae. More specifically, Gloeocapsa magma which is the family of algae that causes the black stains and streaks on roofs. Roof algae arrives as airborne spores, and as they take hold and spread down your roof, they produce a dark pigment to protect themselves from sunlight. Just as a dark vehicle is hotter in the sun than a light colored vehicle, a black-stained roof will trap more heat than a clean, bright roof. This typically happens more on the north side of the roof and under the shade of trees or plants, where the sun is less harsh, but typically will spread to every side of the roof if given enough time. Once the stains start to appear, they only get worse.

How do I get this stuff off of my roof??

While there are a variety of methods easily found by searching online, there is only one method recommended by your shingle manufacturer that won’t damage your roof or void your warranty; A no-pressure application of chemicals to kill and dislodge the algae safely and effectively. This method is the easiest and most effective way to get immediate results. Our chemicals are applied by a safe, low-pressure electric pump system with a nozzle that outputs a spray at a lower pressure than the nozzles on your garden hose. We spray a thick coating over the entire roof area and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes. During this process, we have a man on the ground continuously wetting and rinsing any vegetation under the roof drip line to ensure that any chemical runoff won’t come in contact with plants. After the algae is dead, black streaks and stains gone and the roof begins to look new and bright again, we rinse the roof and plants again to dilute any runoff and keep your property safe.

Can’t I just use a pressure washer?

No! This will void your warranty on the shingles and also damage the roof by causing premature granule loss. Pressure washing a roof is less effective and takes more time than having it cleaned the correct way, with a no-pressure system. Never let anyone on your roof with a pressure washer. Call a company that provides professional roof cleaning services!

Can I scrub my roof with a brush?

Again, any friction applied to your shingle by pressure washing or brushing will remove granules and damage your roof. This would also be a very time and labor intensive job which is not as effective as a soft wash application.

I read about an eco-friendly roof cleaning. Do you offer this in your solutions?

We use what your shingle manufacturer recommends to clean your roof safely. A mix of chlorine to kill the algae quickly and a soap which acts as a surfactant to stick the mixture to the roof and allow it to work.

Unfortunately we have to use the old cliche “If it sounds too good to be true….”

Any chemical or company claiming to kill and remove algae from your roof, yet won’t harm your plants if not covered or rinsed during the process is telling you a lie. Since algae is a plant, these “green” products can’t kill algae while not harming your hedges or bushes underneath. Sometimes these chemicals are applied, and then rinsed off using pressure washers. Sometimes they will lighten the stains, but never 100% kill and dislodge the algae which appears in a few months and requires another cleaning. Some of these “green” chemicals may kill some of the algae but chemically degrade the integrity of the asphalt shingle itself, causing more damage.

So what’s the truth behind “safe” roof cleaning?

We believe in giving the homeowner all of the information possible when considering cleaning and restoring their home. The truth about “safe” roof cleaning is that chlorine and soap can be used harmlessly if a company takes the necessary precautions to pre-wet, cover and/or rinse plants during and after the process. Just as low concentrations of bleach are safe to use on your clothing, in your swimming pools and as household cleaners, a diluted mixture used outdoors applied and controlled by a professional company will not cause damage to your home, plants or grass. There are instances of companies not taking the proper steps to neutralize their chemical and the results are dead plants and grass. For these reasons, you should always hire a reputable company who is properly insured, well equipped to handle the job without shortcuts and has good reviews and results.